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Who is CUT MBA designated for?

The CUT MBA is an applied educational programme underlined by scientific rigor designated for experienced and ambitious professionals who are looking to enhance their skills and take their career to the next level. It is carefully developed to serve the needs of professionals with full-time or part time jobs by using adjusted and particularly flexible block teaching schedules.

Professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs of all nationalities with career backgrounds in any business field who wish to promote their careers, or change career direction to new industries, or start new businesses or simply enhance their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities will substantially benefit from their participation in the MBA programme.

The CUT MBA Flexible scheduling method allows students to optimally allocate their time between studies, career and other obligations with an effective and flexible manner. Each course involves 28 hours of lecturing and it is completed within a period of 14 days. All lectures are held during evenings and weekends while allowing for several free days for self-study.
The Rolling admission policy of the CUT MBA programme offers the “apply anytime” option. This means that each application is evaluated as soon as it's received, providing to applicants the opportunity to enter the programme anytime throughout the year.
02 Nov 2015 - Classes Commence
Classes commence in November 2015. The start date of the introductory course on Business Mathematics and Statistics is November 28, 2015. ...
10 Sep 2015 - Partial Scholarships
We are pleased to announce that a substantial number of partial scholarships are now available for students enrolling in the Executive MBA Programme....