educating and inspiring LEADERS!

Distinguished Instructors:  Having the opportunity to be taught by pioneer academics and industry leaders of international impact is by itself a highly inspiring experience of unique value. The CUT MBA programme transforms this belief into reality by maintaining an internationally recognised teaching staff and inviting prominent international personalities from the academic and business world to transfer their knowledge, expertise and experiences to the student.

Cutting Edge Knowledge:  Dealing with administrative and management problems within a rapidly changing business environment pre-requires knowledge of the latest advances of science and business practice. Recognising that knowledge is a dynamic process, the CUT MBA programme offers an innovative and internationally competitive dynamic curriculum based on scientific and practical knowledge which provides the student with the latest methodological and practical tools in the field. The curriculum is adjusted annually to meet and reflect the latest standards in the field of Business Administration.

Applied Knowledge:  Doing business and making important managerial decisions certainly requires practical skills and applied knowledge. The CUT MBA programme offers to the students the opportunity to benefit from their interaction with experienced professionals who can transfer their experience and practical knowledge and introduce them into the latest applied methods and techniques in the field of Business Administration. 

Flexibility:  Recognising that professionals’ time is both scarce and precious, the CUT MBA programme enables students to develop the schedule that better fits their needs. Modern modular structures underlined with flexible block teaching scheduling provide the opportunity of balancing effectively time allocation between study and career. To this end, each course is completed within a period of 14 days and lectures are held during evenings and weekends while allowing for free week days.

Multinational Environment:  The new business trends driven by globalisation require firms’ leaders and employees to learn and interact with diverse peers and be exposed to international ways of doing business. The CUT MBA programme provides students with the opportunity to materialise these fundamental aspects of the modern business world by interacting with a multinational body of students and teaching staff members and learn about international methods within a multicultural learning-centered environment.